Evangelist Dr. Freddie Gage offers hope and healing for the hurting! Jesus Christ is the way to eternal life. Read stories and testimonies and see if you can identify with those who have come to know Christ as their personal savior.

Against All Odds… by Paul Carlin

Freddie Gage and I grew up together on the tough, dangerous, drug-soaked streets of Houston, Texas. His second son is named after me. Freddie led me to Christ.

The tragic end of each life recorded in his book, All My Friends Are Dead, is true. These young men were friends of mine. Gage has probably preached to more underworld personalities than any preacher in America. I have seen him bail them out of jail, keep them in his home, feed, clothe, and go to court with them. I have also seen him pray, plead and weep with them. I have been with him when he has walked into grief-stricken homes to bear the sad news of the senseless drug death, prostitution or murder of a son or daughter: He has stood before huge cross sections of dissipated, drug controlled audiences at funerals to make a final plea for them to give their lives to Christ.

The only possibility for a changed life is Jesus Christ. This is the message Freddie Gage has preached in churches, football stadiums, under tents, in open air meetings, prisons, and jails: only Christ can change the human heart.

If I had not attended a Freddie Gage Church revival on August 7, 1952, it is very likely that my story might be among those recorded in his book, All My Friends Are Dead.