Freddie Gage founded Boys and Girls Country for struggling youth in Hockley, Texas. He also founded Wounded Hero’s, a Christian psychotherapy ministry providing at no charge, support for hurting ministers and the families in a retreat setting.

He is the author of 13 books including the religious best seller, Pulpit In the Shadows. Other outstanding books include,All my Friends are DeadGo Tell – The Soul Winners EncyclopediaHow to Get Started RightExcuses, Excuses, ExcusesThe Counselor’s Guide; He also wrote the booklet How To Be Born Again.

Dr. Gage has been featured in publications from Newsweek to Baptist state papers, 300 radio and television talk shows, and national media, including PTL, 700 Club, PBS Specials, The Old Time Gospel Hour, the Phil Donahue Show, What’s My Line, To Tell The Truth, and Paul Harvey News, where he was called the “James Cagney” of the pulpit.

He was elected President of the SBC Evangelism Conference in 1984, and appointed Chairman of Crossover for the SBC in Indianapolis in 1991. Gage has spoken at many state conventions, pastors’ conferences and evangelism conferences throughout the nation. In 1999, Gage received the James T. Draper, Jr. LeaderLife Award, recognizing significant achievements of ministers.