What Do Others Say


Dr. Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church, Plano, Texas:
“Freddie Gage is uniquely gifted as a preacher, soul winner, and evangelist.  He burns with a passion for souls like few men I know.  I am truly grateful for the urgency and fervency of Freddie Gage’s soul winning ministry.”

Dr. Jim Henry, First Baptist Church, Orlando, Florida:
“One of the most remarkable men among us is Freddie Gage.  He carries a twin passion for those who are hurting without Christ and those who are his servants in the ministry and are facing difficult days.  God is using Freddie to touch both. He is a man with a heart big enough to grab the world.  I’m glad to call him friend.”

Dr. O.S. HawkinsPresident, Annuity Board:
“I have concluded that the greatest fruit of all his ministry is being left in the lives of those four wonderful sons.  Their love for the Lord Jesus speaks volumes about Freddie Gage.”

Dr. Fred LoweryFirst Baptist Church, Bossier City, Louisiana:
“When it comes to evangelism, Freddie Gage is a legend.  When it comes to helping hurting pastors and staff members, he stands taller than any man I know.  When it comes to friendship and loyalty, he wrote the book.  When it comes to promotion and persistence, he is without equal.  He has impacted my life and I will be eternally grateful.”

Dr. Jerry FalwellThomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Virginia:
“The first time Freddie came to Thomas Road Baptist Church we were packed and jammed to capacity and experienced over 1,200 total decisions for Christ with more than 400 salvation decisions and baptisms.  Freddie spoke on the 300 T.V. station networks on The Old Time Gospel Hour.  Millions heard the message, thus beginning the historic crusade.  The second time Freddie came, the saved and unsaved alike came to the meetings by the thousands.  Over 5,000 attended the services nightly.  Over 1,500 made commitments to Christ and of these 861 were first-time salvation experiences.  God used Freddie Gage to touch and challenge our entire church for soul winning.  I know of no other man who has influenced more people to win souls in our generation.”

Dr. H. Edwin YoungSecond Baptist Church, Houston, Texas
“The enthusiastic ministry of Freddie Gage and his family is one of the most powerful and effective evangelistic tools available in your world today.  Their strong commitment and faithfulness to Bible-centered preaching and witnessing, and their great sense of conviction for evangelism in our ever-changing world make the Gage family “tradition” invaluable to the Body of Christ and the furtherance of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior.  Freddie’s four sons, Daniel, Paul, Rick, and Rodney are continuing in their father’s footsteps, each in exciting, successful ministries that are evidence of the vision they share with Freddie, and their desire for God’s Kingdom purposes to continue to be fulfilled. I am thrilled to commend the Gages to you with my own heartfelt conviction that they are men who are seeking to serve God with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.”

Dr. Jay StrackOrlando, Florida, www.studentleadership.net
“I believe that Freddie Gage’s name needs to be added to that of Billy Graham and Bill Bright as the men who have most effectively fulfilled the Great Commission in the past century. Having preached in 45 countries and in 44 states, wherever I go I meet the converts who accepted Christ in a Freddie Gage Crusade. He is a man after God’s own heart when it comes to helping the hurting, the hurting, and the lost. It could be written of him – he is truly a “friend of God” and I am grateful that he has been a great friend to me.”

Dr. Kelly GreenOrlando, Florida
“Freddie Gage has been a role model to me and to young ministers.  He has been faithful in keeping his priority in winning the lost to Christ.”

Dr. Adrian Rogers, Bellevue Baptist Church Memphis, Tennessee
“Freddie Gage is a builder of men.  There are many, many young men who have been encouraged in the ministry because of his thoughtfulness, his love and his selflessness.  The Apostle Paul says, ‘I say the truth in Christ, I lie not that I have continual sorrow and great heaviness in my heart for my brethren, my kinsman that they might be saved.’  For over 40 years Freddie has held a steadfast love for souls.  I have seen Freddie sacrifice, spend and be spent and his family, his health, and his finances all of these things on the altar for Jesus Christ.  I have great affection in my heart and respect for the human being, Freddie Gage, and I thank him for his sacrificial love for souls.  I exalt the grace of God for the marvelous soul winning ministry of evangelist Freddie Gage.”

Dr. James MerrittFirst Baptist Church, Snellville, Georgia, Current President of the Southern Baptist Convention
“No one has influenced my life like Freddie Gage.  Because of his influence, I thank God that I am a soul-winning pastor in a soul-winning church.  I love him literally like a son.  He is one of the few men I would fight and die for.”
Dr. John R. Bisagno:
“Without question, Freddie Gage is second only to Billy Graham in winning men to Christ in the Southern Baptist Convention.”
Evangelist Junior Hill:
“I am confident when the future historians write history of evangelism, Freddie Gage will be among those who turned many to God and kept us on the path of soul winning.”

Obedient Rebel

Born in a charity ward in Houston, Texas, raised by grandparents in a ghetto section of Houston, and an undisputed gang leader by age 16, Gage accepted Christ in a Dan Vestal, Sr. revival in 1951, at the Melrose Baptist Church, and was called that same night by God to preach. Toby Druin in The Baptist Standard says,

“He hit the sawdust trail five months later and today, after 1300 revivals and area- wide crusades, has preached to more Southern Baptists in a local church setting than any other evangelist in SBC history.”

After preaching over 1,000 revivals, and speaking in 3,000 High School assembly programs, Gage experienced burnout and depression and was hospitalized for depression and anxiety attacks in 1978. He then made an unbelievable comeback and preached over 300 of the most God-anointed successful harvest crusades in the history of the Southern Baptist Convention.

In more than four decades since his conversion, he has become one of the SBC’s premier evangelists, a legend among SBC churches and his peers in the ministry. Gage has spoken face-to- face to millions and to untold millions on radio and television. The first evangelist to be invited to speak in high school assembly programs in the Southland, Gage has spoken in over 3,000 high school assembly programs to more than two million young people.

As a direct result of his God-given ministry, more than one million people have professed faith in Jesus Christ.

Like David, Gage has not forgotten the pit from whence he came (Psalm 40:2). Dr. Don C. Berry, past President of the SBC Pastors’ Conference, states: “His pulpit is a prison, a jail cell, death row, a high school assembly program, the sidewalk of the ghettos, teenage hangouts, a lonely hospital room where he hears the anguished cries of a youth who claws the air as he struggles from the pain of drug withdrawal, a crowded church, a football stadium, radio, television, or a funeral where he conducts the service for a youth who has died as a victim of drugs or alcohol.” Gage’s policy has led him to rescue missions and rural churches preaching to only a few.

Despite his laurels, Gage focuses on wife, Barbara, and their four sons, Daniel, Paul, Rick and Rodney, ” …all of whom are ordained Southern Baptist ministers focusing on evangelism or church-related ministries” (Evangelism Today). Freddie and Barbara are proud of their sons’ accomplishments especially in light of his feelings that “…there is a crisis facing evangelism and soul winning today.”

Gage founded Boys and Girls Country for struggling youth in Hockley, Texas and Wounded Ministers, a Christian psychotherapy ministry for hurting ministers and their families in a retreat setting at no charge.  He is the author of 13 books including the religious best seller, two million copies sold and distributed, Pulpit In The Shadows, two million copies distributed of All My Friends are Dead, and Go Tell- The Soul Winners EncyclopediaHow To Get Started RightExcuses, Excuses, Excuses, and the booklet How To Be Born Again.  Gage has been featured in publications from Newsweek to Baptist state papers, 300 radio and television talk shows and national media including PTL, 700 Club, PBS specials, The Old Time Gospel Hour, the Phil Donahue Show, What’s My Line, To Tell The Truth, and Paul Harvey News where he was called the “James Cagney” of the pulpit. He was elected President of the SBC Evangelism Conference in 1984, and appointed Chairman of Crossover for the SBC in Indianapolis

Gage has spoken on many state conventions, pastors’ conferences and evangelism conferences throughout the nation. In 1999, Gage received the James T. Draper, Jr. Leader Life Award, recognizing significant achievements of ministers.